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For those people in search of alternative therapies for what ails them, Desert Hot Springs has the answer in its underground hot mineral waters. Sit in pools of naturally bubbling waters at any of the 22+ spa resorts as the earliest settlers to the desert initially discovered. People from all parts of the world come to Desert Hot Springs as they believe the healing minerals and hot spring water may ease the pain of arthritis, joint irritation, and possibly even breathing of the mineral steam.

Cabot Yerxa, one of the early homesteaders in what is now known as Desert Hot Springs, did exactly that having the forethought and vision of what would attract people. His hand-built pueblo is a must site to visit in order to gain the sense of wonder the region offered in its earliest days. It is historic stories such as this that the Desert Hot Springs Historical Society is dedicated to preserve.

As history belongs to everyone, the past has a fascination that, if hidden, crumbles into obscurity. It is our purpose at the Desert Hot Springs Historical Society to provide a window into that past so that all viewers can be enriched and stimulated by those who came before us.

We invite you to browse the varied pages of our website to find a growing collection of pictures and stories that document the founding and development of Desert Hot Springs.

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    In the early 1900s most places in the area were defined by their relationship to Palm Springs, as shown in this Stephen H. Willlard photo postcard with a view from Seven Palms, an oasis where surveyors found and documented Indian encampment.
    The buildings of B-Bar-H Ranch, a popular get-away destination, were made of native stone and clay tile roofs. Colorful promotional graphic depicts world-renowned bath house built by city founder L.W. Coffee.
    A 1960s postcard shows aerial view of the city and Mt. San Gorgonio and San Bernardino Mountains in the background.


Our monthly breakfast meeting is at 8 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month at the Sunshine Cafe in the DHS Spa Resort. The Cafe puts together a breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast and coffee for $9.00 including tip. Restaurant is located at 10805 Palm Dr, Desert Hot Springs.

All are invited to join us to three special events per year for the education and betterment of the community. These Soup Suppers take place on the fourth Thursday of October, January and April. After a buffet of soup, salad, bread and dessert selection, a program is presented on some aspect of the history of the area.


Desert Hot Springs Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to preserving, acquiring, and displaying the local history of Desert Hot Springs. Our focus and sphere of influence is the City of Desert Hot Springs and its surrounding unincorporated areas including Desert Edge, Bubbling Wells, Dos Palmas, Sky Valley, Mission Lakes, North Palm Springs, Painted Hills and Whitewater.


Cabot with Mary Christmas
Cabot Yerxa came to the desert in 1913 as one of the very first homesteaders.

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