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Jerry Skuse by Maggie Abbott



On February 3, 2009 the Desert Hot Springs Historical Society was presented a historical scrapbook from "Hands of the Desert" charter members, Jean Carter and Inez Learnard.  The event took place at Mountain View Convalescent Home where Mrs. Learnard, 103, resides.  Hands of the Desert was formed in 1975 by a group of dedicated women who operated a thrift store on Pierson Boulevard and who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits to valley-wide charities and individuals in need.  The non-profit corporation dissolved in 2007 and distributed $100,000 to 16 local charities.

Pictured are: 1) Jean Carter and Inez Learnard; 2) Jean Carter, Alta Hester secretary of the Hist. Soc., and Inez Learnard, and 3) Jeff Bowman, president of the Hist. Soc, Jean Carter, and Inez Learnard  (click picture to enlarge)


The scrapbook is a treasure trove of newspaper clippings documenting the Hands of the Desert thrift store and it's history in our town. 






"I remember when..." - memories of residents from the good ol' days.


This is the place for memories of DHS from back in the day.  Please email us your memories and we'll post them here.

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Hi, folks:
My name's Dave.  A couple days ago I came across your website and nearly fainted.  As a kid who spent two years ('56 & '57) living in DHS ... I hadn't come across any old photos of that place since the last time I "whisked" through the town (for about ten minutes) back in '72.  And frankly, I didn't recall much from that last quickie stop.
However ...
When I clicked through your site and looked at the old photographs, especially that postcard shot of the old Five & Dime ... I was kinda' overcome by the experience.  The picture of that corner store brought back a 52 year flood of, not the best of times, but more like a time machine trip that gave this old dude the opportunity to look back on a young boy's life ... a very long time ago.
I don't know if it's still there, but I spent my 6th grade year at the only school in the city in *'56. (*The same year Elvis hit.  But that's another story.)  It was an elementary school; just across the street from the only movie theater in town.  Matter of fact, if memory serves, DHS pretty much had only one of ... EVERYTHING 52 seasons ago.  I understand the current "Hot Springs" now has a middle and a high school.  I'm wondering if they just meshed that old elementary into those two? 
Anyway, I was so taken with your collection of old photos and such that I dug through a long stored box of family pictures my late mom saved for me ... and came across a few snapshots that were taken in the pool area of a motel my folks managed in '57.  It was about three-quarters of the way up Hacienda and was called (at that time) The Loraine Manor.  I'm sure, if it's even still standing, that the old name on that pink and black building is either changed ... or been demolished altogether.  I also found an 8x10 black and white photo of my 6th grade class with all the student's pictures laid out around a wide angle shot of the old dirt playground.
I'm 62 years old; recently retired and living here in the Sacramento area.  And frankly, I'd like to leave behind a little something  besides my old Mickey Mantle baseball glove ... and the acoustic guitar I used to bring to the DHS school yard after that Elvis kid started making noise with the new ... rock and roll music.  Man, between me, Bobby Moss, Ricky Scheuman and Jimmy McCance ... we kept the 5th grade girls screamin' during many a noon hour.  That is until Mr. Kenya (teacher and principal) came by with his yard whistle and ... dropped the curtain on another lunch bench concert.
But I digress ...
Incidentally, I don't know how long you've been living there, but during that last trip though in '72 ... by pure chance I had the wonderful opportunity to visit and chat for a few minutes with an old 6th grade classmate of mine who was working at the local bank.  For the life of me I can't recall her last name, but I believe her first name was ... Louise.  And I seem to remember her mentioning that she'd married one of our '56 classbuds; a guy named Steve Foster.  I think she also told me that, at the time ... another of our 6th graders was working (or owned) a gas station in the city.  His name was Ted Hansen.  I'll never forget him because, when the music teacher (Mr. Dalgren) came in from Palm Springs to give lessons and direct our little school band, (I played trumpet) ... Ted always won 1st chair. I was 2nd.  Young Ted was good!       
Again, I digress...
Anyway, take care.  And thanks for keeping up that hot, sandy history. Glad someone is.


The old "five and dime" on the corner of Palm and Pierson, circa 1950's